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Benefits of Buying Travel Insurance


Understand The Benefits Of Having Travel Insurance

Whether you are traveling in India or abroad, solo or with your group, you look forward to a pleasant experience. However, while on a trip, you can come across challenges that can cause worry and loss. Therefore, it is best to have travel insurance by your side to take care of all such worries.

How Travel Insurance Provides Financial Protection In Foreign Countries?

Traveling to foreign locations sure is exciting. But new experiences can also bring your way unexpected challenges. Moreover, since currency value differs in every country, even a slight deviation from your budget can cause you significant financial losses.

However, with travel insurance, all such worries can be put to rest. Benefits under travel insurance cover you for many sudden losses and expenses – ensuring that you stay financially covered.        

  • Coverage For Medical Emergencies - Medical Expenses

Medical emergencies can come up at any time. But no matter where you are, you deserve quality healthcare. One of the major travel insurance benefits is that it covers you for medical expenses, emergency medical evaluation, and repatriation. Moreover, any money incurred on dental care expenses during your trip shall also be reimbursed.

  • Support For Important Documents – Loss Of Passport And Documents

Losing your passport or other essential documents in a foreign country can be quite disturbing. It is because replacing it is both tiring and costly. Travel insurance offers reimbursement benefits for expenses incurred in obtaining new or duplicate documents up to the maximum limit stated in the Policy Schedule. However, deductibles if there are any, shall be borne by you.

  • Total Loss Of Checked-In Baggage

Loss of baggage is the last thing you would want on your international trip. It can be a mood spoiler and can also severely affect your pocket. But travel insurance can relieve a great deal of your finance related worries by paying you in compensation  up to the limit specified in your travel insurance policy during a round trip along with all the halts and via destinations included in your travel ticket.

  • Trip Cancellation/Or Interruption

Travel insurance will reimburse you for non-refundable prepaid expenses or any additional cost of transportation that you may have to incur in case of trip cancellation or interruption due to medical problems of insured or insured’s family member, any professional reason or natural disaster. However, the compensation  received is subject to limit of sum assured in your travel insurance policy. 

  • Trip Delay

Your travel plans may get delayed due to external or unavoidable causes. However, travel insurance benefits also cover you for such delays if you have comprehensive travel insurance plan.  It provides for additional meal, accommodation and any transportation expenses that you may have to incur. The coverage is subject to the limits of your travel insurance policy.

  • Covers All Legal Expenses

Legal matters are difficult to deal with, especially when you are in a new country. However, if you have a travel insurance you will be covered for all the legal  cost and expenses related to a third-party liability claim arising out of death or bodily injuries. The benefit under this section is limited to the sum assured.

  • Hijack Distress Allowance

Flight hijack can be a traumatic experience, which can cause much distress. But having travel insurance can cover you for this situation too. Travel insurance compensates you by paying distress allowance if your flight on a common carrier gets hijacked for a certain number of hours.

  • Emergency Accommodation

Natural disasters like fire, explosion, earthquake, storm, and hurricane may force you to look for emergency accommodation. However, arranging accommodation in a new place can be less challenging if you have travel insurance by saving you the expenses that may otherwise cause a dent in your pocket.

Travel insurance benefits cover you for additional expenses that you may incur in arranging for such accommodation for your loved ones and yourself.

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